One Month in Leo Burnett

When came out of classroom, I feel a little relax, the 2-and-half hours TOEIC without any break was a real test for me, because I have never been the like test 2 years. I think it is not too difficult to finish it but to high score. If I could acquire 860+, according to the Handbook, I could apply to some consultant firms, but all human being in earth know it is a joke. The way to working in consultant firm is a long march. Anyway, at least I have some persuasive certificates when I fill the applications. TOEIC is one certificate to demonstrate my Eng skill which seems more important than TEM-4 and BEC-V.

With 3 days a week,I realize that I have in Leo Burnett ( for a month. At first, the working environment in it is comfortable: nice colleagues, open working space and well-built team. I learnt a lot through the month, I started to review by writing working diary, to summarize my strengths and limitations in doing things, record comments from my teammates and emphasize the key elements which I often ignore during my working. Then, the open working environment, flexible timetable and comparative low requirement in majors also mean that employees all with different background. I enjoy dealing with different people who knows something professional and never-heard before, though, some teammates and colleagues from Hong Kong and abroad with broken Chinese whom I talked with before was hard to get the points until I asked them in Eng. Sigh~

During the month, I know something in ad and ad marketing, I asked many questions to my colleagues and myself; searching too many professional terms through Google and Answers and Wikipedia, I am happy to learn so much even I dont in this field when the internship is over, I like learning new knowledge and getting along new guys in my life, I wish when entering society, I also could be in a platform where so many professionals gathered and talked.

What a funny and fruitful month I have in LB.(It seems like the epilogue using in CET-4 composition)

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