Good Luck to Me: the Jammed Dec

December, the end of one year…..How time flies, I don’t understand totally what I was doing during the 2008….To many, 2008 is featured with great happiness like Beijing 2008,and also too much suffered in 5.12 Earthquake; to me, it seems nothing at all: the coming future without a coming job, I worked as intern in 3 companies from state-run media agency to 4A Ad Agency, I know I am nothing when compared to someone majoring in Financial or Business Analysis or International Marketing or even Insurance and would graduated from Fudan, Jiaotong University or Tongji University; in addition to these, I acknowledge that the offer rain from Big4 has nothing to do with me, and when I heard someone rejected by McKinsey in the final round, I felt happy but immediately I felt sad: some big one would compete with me in job-hunting.

Disappointed by the first round of online application, I am upset by economic recession. It is the 1st time I recognize that maybe I would fail in job-hunting, no one care me because I have no advantages in a group discussion: broken English; blank experience in Fortune 500 and little knowledge in popular industry: Financial, Economy, Accounting, IT,HR and even Admin. Before shocked by fact, I dont like the Civil Servants Exam which once I laughed at my father: you earned without any risk even the Gov bankrupt and I disdained it, now I admitted I will take it in Shanghai though with little probability. The Shanghai Exam will be held at Dec 28,29, the later one is my birthday. From my memories, it is demonstrated I would be in bad luck when taking important exams at the very day. Wish it would take some changes…..

Tomorrow, I take TOEIC in Shanghai Jiaotong University with Kevin Huang in the morning, my goal is 850+, but some niubility told me if I could not get 900+, the result count for nothing even though P&G require 750 in online application.

See? It is not the end of Dec, my paper is still nothing to say because tutor did not feedback when I sent his draft last time…..

Jammed Dec without future and passion….



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1 Response to Good Luck to Me: the Jammed Dec

  1. Rebecca says:

    ok…it’s not your faultgiven this setting nobody can do things right

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