Dying Man

That is the worst news i ever heard, my tutor told me to hand in his manuscripts before Nov. 30, it must be a disaster and a man-made one by myself. I know i spend too much of my spare time on leisure, a little for job-hunting but no for writing and thinking of his task. I am a dying man who face a do-or-not-do question, whether i choose the first one or not, to some extend,i am more closer to the second one. I am not good at action but talking and i suppose most of my friends could be impressed by my talky talking. Useless trash talk would be a nice way to killing time but unwisely to independent thinking and writing. Any words would be redundant, what i need to is action: to read more than 1G pdfs,words, txts and cajs, to think whats the fucking relationship between the ROK & US and how the damning anti-americanism move to mobilize the citizens to impact the 2002 ROK Presidential Election and real influnce of the bullshit of some leaders of US, Jap and ROK, to study how to made my tutor more calm: so, he is good but maybe too stress on job-hunting so ignore my task, and the final one looks not bad…… –           -||| seems like a sweet dream and a daylight one.
As a Leo Burett intern for two weeks, and everything goes well. I assigned to complete an analysis of Lining’s competitors print ads and do some primary research then draw a coarse conclusion in PPT. I made it then send to Yo and via her suggestions i do some modifications. The last working day in LB, she told me to work with her in OT. I shut down the computer before her requirement and was asked to explained some ideas in my conclusion to her coz my terrible diction. I put my conclusion in four parts but obviously none of them could point to the main ideas of mine directly. Through my explain, Yo seems to be more acceptale to  my points but i learnt that i should re-learn how to made my words to transfer my ideas more simply and briefly. Every presentation of ideas and points should start with a individual formula, as: the manner of ad campaign=campaign+product promotion and etc. It would be more easier for my supervisor and clients to catch the main points in a short time. Thats the one lesson i learn from the day i back to my dorm at 21:00 from Block F,Red Town.
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  1. Rebecca says:

    fight it
    u  r a man!

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