What a big trouble

i was in LB and waiting to get off the work at 17:00, then my MB rang and thats my tutor’s call. I was in trouble, months ago, my tutor told me to help him in writing a book. i was lazy and the deadline was postponed for 2-3 months, now i m in big trouble. The press needs the draft, my boss callded me to hand on one part of his book which is supposed to be finished 2 months before. i v never been scolded so hard, my boss was angry for my lazy and my job-hunting: there is no sense if u still in campus with some un-completed tasks, u have a long  tail…. why u dont listen to me ? what is my damning book? and what a u fucking doing in ad agency?? i know i was wrong so i kept silent during the 20 mins calling, luckily, my phone was out of power at that time, so i wrote apologize letter to him t once. i dont know if i miss the deadline i would be delay the graduation or not, but offend the tutor is not a kidding thing in postgraduate school.
He did not response yet, what i could do is to do the writing asap without any hestitation. DO IT NOW….what a trouble
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1 Response to What a big trouble

  1. Rebecca says:

    I cannot find any excuse for u this time
    u really should’ve finished it on time
    so…hurry up and get it done~!
    wish u good luck!

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