Job Hunter?

Today, i went to be together with some friends sharing job-hunting experience. Group dissusion in my perspective is a good way to share sth important with ur fellows. One called Jason now is holding an MT intern in BOSCH and still hunt for an offer in some more promising corporations, coz he said that his colleagues who were also interns had got some big offers from famous companies which i never heard before. i know i should hurry up, time is limited and also the opportunities. One friend of mine asked me if LB would give me an offer given i stay there for a long time, i said, yes.  But i doubt that u could. My boss, one of my interviewer replied to me when i sent thanks letter to her: we think u have some basic knowledge in ad/marketing/brand-building, so we think u could meet our intern need. We dont know if u could really meet our expectation, and if no, u know u could be un-fit to the position and the company. In 4A, it is a great experience to u but we hold the question to u: is it a really full-play and enjoyable one? That depends on u.
Be a job hunter to me seems to be ridiculous: i am now in 4A and if i could stand for it probably i could get an offer. I know actually it is not that real and ideal. i should find out what is my favourite one when i start to my career, if i say if i could take an intern in my favor job or company…… half success of my career.
Time could tell me if i like 4A or he likes me, but still i should find a more favor one in my mind before time demonstrated the fact to me that i am not good in 4A or sometimes later HR writes to me : Sir i am regret to tell u we have no vacant for further interns. Try to avoid some potential risk when u in an unpredictable situation,that could be called rational.
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