Be Busy

Once i was in Xinmin, i was willing to be busy as other interns, some of them in Entertainment Section were very busy,or some in Social News Section were also occupied by their work, me, unlike any of them, i didnt know what am i responsible for, what was my duty and where i could look for be-busy. Yes, anyone likes to be in a position without too much pressue, though being an intern,the things would be much more different: u a looking for experience and even a potential employer here, u like me, should be busy,should take some responsibility and should learn someting beyond the knowledge in ur textbooks, if u like me did nothing but sit there watching, there was no sense to keep the intern there in my mind.
The third day in LB, i was assigned a basic work: to find out some ads of our client’s competitors, to find out whats the difference among them and why, maybe i should write some for it. i was happy for that, coz i knew sth about the difference among brands both native and abroad, but i dont know theories, how should i do ? Learn by doing. The brand manager who i am response for told me be patient and be scrupulous, coz she knew i am not the ad-major one. In fact, one coordinator has an account to access some ad resource in which are bounds in ad materials including most brands. I followed her instrunction searching some relevant brands’ ads. It was a website which ranked No.1 in Asia-Pacific as the ad resource portal. From TVC, print, billboard to road exhibition, it has almost all the forms of ad. It cost me 4-5 hours to complete the first brand in sportswear, as i was familiar with the operation process, i finished the second one in less than 3 hours, and then the last 3 were all in very short time. When all were finished, i told Tina to see if they meet her demand and i asked some relative Qs about my assignments. i did have some misunderstaning about my work, so some of my questions seemed beyond her. Her response was un-friendly: i totally dont uderstand what a ur points, i just tell u to ×&……%¥#%. i was embarassed coz my teammates watching me, maybe they thought why a postgraduate could not understand such a simple task? i said, ok, Tina, i ll re-do my work and see if they are u really want. "when u finish again, send to Yolanda to re-check (coz i dont want to waste my time in such fundemantals)."
I re-do it and sent to Yolanda, all followed as i expected was that Yolanda shaked her head telling me they were too complicated or not so user-friendly: Tina would be annoyed coz it would cost her much time to distinguish A from B, she wants to made decision based on my materials, but not to do her own research by herself. i felt depressed but not too disappointed: i know i just at the beginning and i was a rookie, i need to face more setbacks like complaints even more blame, i have too much to learn in a new field which has occean different from my major and my previous experience, its OK, i ll keep walking till i am be fired (if it will come).
Be busy in learinning, i ll never fall behind.
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