Internship Diary in Leo Burnett

Months ago, i did the internship in Xinmin Net, in which i thought too boring to stay; i wanna open environment in office and free talks with some else, so i quit it. The last time in my office, i dont what i should do and i spent whole day sitting in my seat reading news, blogs,forums and etc, but doing nothing even dont need to put down some lists of daily news. Tomorrow after that, i wrote quit letter to HR and started to finding a new internship which would be more colorful and of coz could taught me more.
Fortunately, i got a new one in three days. In the morning about 10, i still in bed dreaming of being millionaire but the dom phone ringing. I spent seconds to get off my bed to answer the call thinking that would be my mom’s call. "Hello, Leo Burnett Shanghai…..". It was from Leo Burnett Shanghai Inc.,HR asked me if i could come at 3 PM next day with my CV…..I said, thx to your call but why dont u call me mb? ….ur mb was out out of service –           -||| what a nice HR!  Actually, i really didnt know what is 4A and LB and what i could do in a ad agency. I bought my resume with upset arrivring there on time. Two rounds of interview, one was team leader and the other was brand director, not too tough and i passed. Leo Burnett owns a very open working environment in a 3-floor building in Red Town, Huaihai Road (Wst.). I believed they thought i could do some trifle in daily work and maybe make some suggestion to their ads. I dont even know why i am qualify i was enrolled in.
Today is the first day in LB. I came there on time at 10 AM. The whole building was empty except the receipent. She told me usually LBer come to work after 10:30 AM and i could wait inside for my bosses. When time cames to 10:45, one people came to me asking: u a the new intern? Yes, I am…..Ok, sit here and i ll bring u some magazines to kill time coz Tina (one of my bosses) may not come until 11:15. I sat there reading MiLks, rasing my head from magazines to watching around this new office from time to time. I could see a beam of sunlight fell on the wall through a skylight. It made me felt good….then Tina and Jasmine came and arranged a desk to me….(nothing special -.-). Jasmine (I m not sure her name….) asked me to review all tel ads of Li-Ning and its competitors like NIKE, Adidas and etc. I spent the whole afternoon in and to searching and watching and i should say it was wounderful. King is other brand director in our team in charging Li-Ning creative design in TV ads. He asked me to a casual talk about a revised LN ad. It was about the newly-plan basketball training club like KOBE Protege launched by NIKE, but in LN club, the trainer is Shaq. After watching the ad, King Lee asked me if i could get the main point of it, i say:
"yes i get it….",
"You should hit the gym, your game is weak….",
"so, do u think is acceptable or attractive to some teens like u?"
"i suppose not…"
"……"(my responce more than 3 mins)
"OK, thx"(i suppose he would not ask me any other advices….but later i know LN did not show much interests in this one…..they said it was too plain)
Then, i sat before the HP LCD spending 3-4 hours in youtube and youku and then off the work…..not bad for the first day, right? 3 days per week, and limited allowance but if i could learnt some more useful or unique experience from it, i d like to do it.
Calm down, it just starts…..
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4 Responses to Internship Diary in Leo Burnett

  1. Rebecca says:

    a not-so-bad start may lead to a promising future~good luck and happy Singles’ Day~!

  2. KAKA says:

    how is ur Single’s Day? Date with Jap bro?

  3. Rebecca says:

    I studied in ICSH with two single girl-scholars…

  4. Unknown says:

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