Daily things without news

I dont know why I wanna to write diary in Eng, maybe its a fashion, or maybe i just thought like: called as Eng-major, but I cant even spell the "Toyko" correctly,so more practice more improvement or maybe some of my friends did if before…..whatever the reasons are, i do it now, i dont know if it could last a week or even shorter, but it starts…..
Today, two of my roommates travelled to Suzhou, "heaven in earth" i v heard long long ago, but i dont know why they choose such a rainy day, everything is cold and moisted. In cold weather, people like me, prefer to sitting in front of my computer screen reading some PDFs for papers, or playing cyber games which could kill time easily and do not cost too much. Of coz, i like going outside for fresh air and wild environment, but as i mentioned above, i dont do that in such cold weather. When i see the clouds crowded beyond my head, i feel depressed and unknown pain, yes, i v washed all of my clothes and due to the damn weather….so maybe i dont have a big clothespress?
Days ago, i was bankrupted and then i quit the internship in Xinmin Net which is a typical state-run news agency.The internship is totally free, no allowance, no ovetime pay, not at all. Very big office without cubicles, people from different sections sit beside communicating with their counterparts in MSN or QQ or sometimes through shout. Many interns like me have temporary places to put their laptops and knapsacks, we are the same at the first time but are differentiated soon after. I was in international section and doing nothing except surfing on net in the whole working hours. Some in entertainment section were busy from 9 AM to 7 PM or more. I dont like the intern coz I dont like the work not for the people there. I went to there one day per week, so it was hard to make  the  acquaintance  of other staff. When i thought to quit, first reason came to my mind was the money, and then career path, and then the web editor itself.
It seems very early this morning, time for breakfast or a little relax? The later one…..
PS: some of my friends with niubility in Eng would find some errors in grammer, spelling and sentences, plz help me through your own proofreading, i think it is much easier than TEM-8 or TOEFL or GRE, right?
Thats all for the FIRST one
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3 Responses to Daily things without news

  1. Rebecca says:

    great! keep on~!
    yup there’re some gramatical mistakes, but it doesn’t matter~ur diary communicates well~if u keep gramatical rules in ur mind, u can hardly write down things in ur heart~

  2. qing says:

    Not bad! Much more acceptable than ur translation during first internship, hohoho…
    Keep walking!

  3. KAKA says:

    居然在神话里才出现的老大是沙发……-               -|||

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